Live Well With Diabetes

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Live well with diabetes

Tips for living well with diabetes

Live well with diabetes. After receiving a diabetes diagnosis, your personal choices will matter. Besides following daily insulin treatment, eating the right food is a must to ensure the condition is managed well. Additionally, the physical activities that keep you fit are also beneficial to staying healthy.

Your personal choices include your lifestyle, and having a good one can make you enjoy life even at an older age. One of the best examples is Her Majesty, the Late Queen Elizabeth II. It is a classic example of leading a healthy life to attain 96 years of age with minimal physical impairment. And what’s her secret? It is her excellent health routine, healthy diet and discipline. Let us compare our lifestyle with hers, and take inspiration from the Late queen who symbolized a simple, yet healthy lifestyle.

Here, we listed smart tips that people with diabetes can follow to live well regardless of their condition. Consider the following:

Good meal habits

Part of diabetes management is following a healthy and balanced meal plan. Your meal habits are vital in preventing diabetes attacks and complications. Controlling the amount of food that you take daily will help manage and stabilize your condition. And what is the best way to do this? It’s all about having a strict diet plan.

Queen Elizabeth II was known to have a unique meal habit. For example, she disliked starchy foods like pasta. Although pasta can be a comfort food, its starch can contribute to high blood sugar levels. Her breakfast menu was also surprisingly simple. Unlike other royalties, Queen Elizabeth II was a huge cereal fan. If you haven’t known yet, cereal is highly beneficial for people with diabetes because of its low-calorie content. That being said, you can take inspiration from Queen Elizabeth II to live healthily by not being too fancy with your regular meals.

If you think of food indulgence, you can be surprised to know that Queen Elizabeth II did not always go for lavish meals. In fact, she would always opt for healthy menus, like poached fish with salad and vegetables on the side.

Regular exercise

Regular exercising is not a challenge for passionate gym lovers. They will find the time to hit the gym under all circumstances. However, for professional with a busier lifestyle it may not be easy to squeeze out a 30 minutes to 1 hours workout schedule. What’s special about regular exercise is that it prevents obesity. Note that weight gain or obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes. So, to avoid such a condition, getting yourself up and active for nearly an hour a day is highly recommended. Even if you cannot make it to the gym, try brisk walking or rope skipping in your backyard as an easy alternative.

Stop your addiction

Sometimes, our addictions can reduce our life span. If you have diabetes, you might hear these a lot, “stop drinking,” “abstain from smoking,” or “sleep early.” While these comments can be both overwhelming and annoying, they can actually help you live well with your condition. Excessive smoking and drinking are associated with many diabetes-related complications. You don’t want to be diagnosed with another health condition besides diabetes, right?

Live a happy and satisfying life.

For the most part, stress is one of the contributing factors why diabetes develops. Although medications are available to relieve your stress, meditation and yoga can relax and relieve your senses. Meditation and yoga are secrets to a happy life. If things are too much to bear, take a step back and unwind. These are also what you can do to ensure your body is recovering while also managing your condition with diabetes.