What is type 2 diabetes (T2D)?

Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the body becomes resistant to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that helps the body cells absorb glucose from the bloodstream for fuel. Most patients with T2D can control their condition through exercise and diet. However, in case this does not work, oral diabetes drugs or insulin may be prescribed in combination with exercise and diet. It is not yet known what really causes T2D, but it is believed to be as a result of environmental and genetic factors. If you are overweight, are not physically active, or come from a family with history of diabetes, you have a higher risk of getting T2D.

Can type 2 diabetes be reversed by diet and exercise?

Type 2 diabetes is considered to be a chronic condition that requires patients to receive treatment throughout their life. The treatment program of this condition involves taking oral diabetes medications or insulin medication when needed. Your health-care provider may also prescribe a diet and exercise program to help you lose weight. Losing weight is important in managing diabetes because it improves your body sensitivity to insulin. If you are able to lose weight through a proper diet plan and regular exercise, you can reduce the signs and symptoms of diabetes.

Obesity is one of the main causes of type 2 diabetes because it makes the body become resistant to the effects of insulin. Now research studies show that T2D can be reserved through lifestyle changes—especially with regular exercise. The study found that when you exercise, cut calories, and keep your blood sugar under control, you may put your condition into remission. As a result, your overall health will improve and you may not require oral diabetes drugs to control your blood glucose levels. Losing weight is one of the leading factors that contribute to T2D reversal. Studies also show that bariatric surgery can help reverse T2D.

Treatment that can reverse T2D

For you to reverse your condition, your treatment program should focus on increasing your body sensitivity to insulin. Eating foods that are high in calories can make you gain weight, which makes your cells less sensitive to insulin. That is why you need to focus on a low calorie diet as part of your treatment program. In fact, studies show that adopting a very low calorie diet can lead to significant loss of weight, which reduces the body’s resistance to insulin. This can help type 2 diabetes patients stop using oral diabetes medication. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of gaining weight and the body becoming resistant to insulin. Hence, it is important you include regular exercise in your treatment program if you want to reverse your condition.

Physical activity increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which can help type 2 diabetic patients reverse their condition. However, it is important you adopt physical exercise together with a good diet plan if you want to successfully reverse type 2 diabetes. Bariatric surgery can also help patients with T2D, reverse their condition. Studies have shown that gastric bypass surgery can help type 2 diabetic patients go into remission in the long run. Gastric bypass involves altering the way your stomach and intestines utilize food. Your stomach will be smaller after the gastric bypass, thus you will require smaller quantities of food to become full.

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